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Wefting Class with CW433-3H : 4 days x 5 hours/day
Wefting Class with CW430-2T3H, CW430-2T2H or, CW422-2H: 3 days x 5 hours/day

Enrollment is to be made 3 weeks before the class date you want by paying ( Bank Transfer) for a wefting machine (and the class fee).
( The class fee can be paid in Korea before the class starts.)

Trainee's own hair should be brought, about 5 Kgs in various conditions (long,short; Remy, Non-remy; Straight, Wavy, etc for learning for various possible cases in trainee's future production )
Our practical Training Class is necessary ?

1/ How to start the wefting Machine
2/ How to do good hackling & brushing hairs to be wefted
3/ How to push forward Hairs properly to be wefted in an even (straight) row and
in parallel horizentally by the the 1st sewing head
: Most important skill in wefting
3/ How to position 2 hands in pushing hairs forward through the 1st sewing head
4/ How to discriminate good sewing thread from wrong sewing thread
(The quality of sewing thread has something to do with the quality of wefts.
5/ How to fix PROBLEMS in sewing and how to fix MECHANICAL PROBLEMS
when pasrts are replaced, or the wefting machine stops running
6/ How to change sewing threads
7/ How to change thickness of weft to become thinner or thicker
8/ How and where to put sewing oils in
9/ How to clean bobbin cases
10/ How to trim needles suitable for good sewing
11/ How to adjust tension of springs for proper tension of threads
12/ How to do treading the bobbin cases with proper tension
13/ How to change tensions of threads coming from bobbins
14/ How to adjust tension of belts
15/ How to adjust the hook timing when needles are changed
16/ How to assemble and disassemble your wefting Machine
17/ How to make single hairs not fall out from weft
17/ Many other extra techniques needed for producing fine wefts without hair falling out

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